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Have you ever wondered why Adidas has two logos? You might be wondering why you can’t find just one. They use both three stripes and the Trefoil. But do these two logos serve different purposes? Read on to find out more about these two iconic brands. Initially, the Three Stripes appeared on the Karhu Sports brand of footwear. The founder of the brand, Adolf Dassler, liked the three stripes’ design so much that he bought the company’s trademark for EUR1,600 and used it on his company’s shoes.

Three stripes

Why does Adidas use three stripes and two logos? The three stripes are a standard design element, but why come in pairs? The answer to that question will vary based on the brand’s history. The three stripes have been used in various contexts throughout the years and are incredibly versatile. These three logos have become iconic, but how did Adidas get there? There is some speculation that Dassler added the three stripes after he had already created the brand.

Initially, the logo for Adidas had two stripes, which helped the shoes’ structure and durability. Adi Dassler changed it to three lines when he discovered that another sportswear brand, Karhu, had already registered the three-stripe logo. Karhu then agreed to let Adidas trademark the logo, and the three stripes have been around ever since. The brand has also had various logos and a strapline, ‘Impossible is nothing.

The story behind why Adidas has three stripes and two logos isn’t entirely clear, but the company has always denied it. A report suggests that Adidas bought the Karhu logo after the 1952 Summer Olympics. Adi Dassler’s son, Horst, created the company’s first leather tennis shoes. It is unclear whether this was a decision made with the company’s own money or a decision based on the desire to gain a competitive advantage.

Adidas’ logo changed several times, including changing the three-stripes logo to make it more appealing to younger athletes. The trefoil logo had a rounded shape in the early 1970s and represented diversity. The three stripes logo was adopted during the 1990s and modernized to meet the times. In the 1990s, the three-stripes logo became the company’s corporate logo. The two logos represent two sides of the company.

The trefoil has long been associated with basketball shoes. Despite its ambiguous design, the trefoil has become a defining feature of the sportswear line. It has also been the mascot for many popular subcultures, from hip-hop to heavy metal. The trefoil also has its share of significance. As a brand that embraces diversity and is widely regarded as an icon, Adidas has become a worldwide sportswear icon.

The first Adidas logo was used on shoes in the early 1950s. The founder of the company, Adolf Dassler, had initially purchased the three-stripes logo from a small Finnish sportswear brand. He then used the trefoil logo alongside the three-stripe motif in the 1970s. In 1997, Adidas used the three stripes again as its sole logo. Since then, Adidas has waged war against copycats by suing companies using multiple stamps.

The Adidas logo has undergone several changes over the years. In the mid-20th century, the Dassler brothers sold over 200,000 pairs of shoes under the “Dassler” logo. The design featured a bird carrying a lightweight shoe in a shield. The brothers eventually split, and Rudolf was later renamed Puma, while Adolf registered Adidas. The company is now known for the Fusion 2.0 sneaker and other popular sportswear products.


The Trefoil logo is a trademark related to the Adidas Three Stripes, which debuted at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Initially, the Trefoil logo consisted of two or three laurel leaves attached to two or three parallel stripes. The Trefoil logo is used widely on sports gear and athletes during games. Its popularity and reputation make it likely to confuse relevant consumers with the three stripes.

The three stripes in the Adidas Trefoil logo have deep roots in the company’s history. While the original three stripes represent the company’s sports and leisure lines, the trefoil logo goes back to the origins of the three-stripe pattern. Today, it represents quality, leadership, and flexibility for the future. The Adidas Group consists of many other brands, including Reebok and TaylorMade. The Adidas Trefoil logo has a long history of inspiring sneakerheads and Originals fans. It is as much about function as form, and it has permeated the culture.

The Adidas logo has undergone several transformations, but it still retains some features from its earlier versions. While the trefoil logo is still used on shoes, shirts, and pants, the standard version is reserved for high-performance athletic wear. In addition, the company never throws away the old versions of its logo. It has an unmistakably athletic look. A classic and highly functional sneaker with the Adidas Trefoil logo is a must-have for any sports fan.

The Adidas logo first appeared on Karhu Sports shoes. Adolf Dassler, the company’s founder, liked the three stripes and decided to trademark the idea. He paid EUR1,600 (about $1,800) for the trademark and started using the three stripes on his company’s shoes. This design became a global sensation. However, the original logo was not perfect. There is no definitive history behind the origin of the Adidas Trefoil logo, but the Adidas Trefoil was an enduring logo.

The iconic Adidas logo is easily recognizable thanks to its iconic status in sports. It is often black or white but has also appeared in pure blue and red. Although the design is functional, the Adidas Trefoil logo can still communicate the brand’s core values. Adidas has used clever marketing and successful strategies to gain prominence with a worldwide presence. Its logo. It is so iconic that it even came on the cover of a whiskey-based logo book.

In the IPL, Adidas sponsored the Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils from 2008 to 2013 and the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2015 season. In addition to the IPL teams, Adidas also sponsored the Pune Warriors India in 2011 and 2012, but due to payment problems, they were banned. The company also supported the Chennai Super Kings in 2016.


The famous three stripes have been a part of the Adidas brand for over sixty years, but the company has two logos with different meanings and histories. The first logo was designed by Adolf Dassler and depicted a sports shoe. This was followed by a different design, with the iconic Adidas three stripes placed vertically. The logo’s design also changed, though the name remained the same.

The original logo incorporated an animal scratch and was a circle. Its simplicity was a nod to the company’s sports and athletic wear lines. Its three-stripe logo had more power than the original, and the stripes were rotated. The two symbols have different meanings, but they have the exact origin. In addition, the original logo represents the Adidas Originals line. The second logo is a lighter, more refined take on the three stripes and is located beneath the company name.

The second Adidas logo, the mountain logo, was introduced in 1991. This logo was placed initially on sports equipment, but it was later used on all apparel. The mountain logo represents determination and the sports orientation of the brand. In 1997, the brand needed a new corporate identity, and Peter Moore was hired to design a new logo. The new logo was black and green, and the color was changed. The company hasn’t made any permanent changes to its logo, though.

The Adidas logo has evolved with the times, though it’s still easily recognizable and remains an iconic part of the brand. The company will probably not change this concept anytime soon. If it’s working so well, why should they change it? Because the two logos are so different? A simple change to the second logo could mean the death of the brand. Changing the logo would result in a drastic reduction in sales for the brand.

The second Adidas logo is different from the first one. The trefoil logo is used on running shoes. This logo represents diversity, with the trefoil symbol representing variety. In addition to the trefoil, the mountain logo symbolizes the idea of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. The Adidas round logo represents the world and its ability to adapt to changes quickly. This is the same logo used on the famous Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu trainers and the California t-shirt.

Adidas’ first logo is a shortened version of the founder’s name, the AdidasDassler brothers. It was initially a white bird that carried a boot. This symbol is still used on the company’s footwear today. The second logo uses a trefoil logo on a black background. It was first used in 1971 for its Originals line. The new logo was used in 2001 to launch the Adidas Originals line.

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