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Have you ever wondered who Adidas sponsors? There are several ways to find out. This article covers the most famous athletes and teams and non-athletes and charities. Check it out for yourself and find out who you know that wears Adidas gear! There’s a lot to learn! Don’t miss the fun! Keep reading to learn more about Adidas! After all, there are plenty of other brands that support athletes.

Famous athletes

The company sponsors many famous athletes, including Tom Brady, NBA star Stephen Curry, and MLB player Bryce Harper. In addition to athletes, Adidas supports a range of non-sports figures, such as supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The company is also associated with movie stars, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Read on to learn about some of the company’s most famous athletes. These include Benson Kipruto and Diana Chemtai Kipyogei.

In 2011, the most prominent sports brands paid famous athletes to endorse their products, and Adidas was no exception. Athletes such as Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and LeBron James are all Adidas sponsors. The company also sponsors several musicians and artists, including the toy designer Quiccs and mural artist Egg Fiasco. Some of these high-profile athletes include tennis player Tim Duncan and even the legendary basketball player Dwight Howard.

NBA star Derrick Rose is another athlete with an Adidas deal. He signed a 14-year agreement with the company after earning the MVP award in 2010-11. The deal includes a private jet and donations. His contract could be worth up to $185 million over the next few years, making it the most lucrative sports sponsorship. But even if it turns out to be a one-time deal, it’s still a lucrative contract.


To promote inclusion, Adidas is expanding its network of non-athletes. The NIL program is tied to the 50th anniversary of Title IX and will be aimed at creating an equal future in sports. The brand is also working with the Boston Marathon and the NBA to support athletes who embody the spirit of excellence. Athletes who display these traits are the perfect ambassadors for the brand.

Adidas has sponsored athletes including David Beckham, Chris Paul, and Jordan. The Adidas Superstar basketball shoe quickly crossed over into street fashion. Run-D.M.C. immortalized his shoe endorsement in the hit song “My Adidas.” The company also maintained contact with soccer teams and tournaments worldwide. Today, they sponsor many players and events. For more information about how to partner with the brand, visit Adidas.

While the NIL program has been a controversial topic in the sporting world, the company is making an effort to change the way the company works. Previously, athletes who wanted to become professional athletes were prohibited from sponsoring non-athletes. But now, a new law has overturned the NCAA’s restriction on “education-related benefits.” The new rules allow athletes to work with other brands if they can show the potential for their careers.


As one of the biggest sports brands globally, Adidas is very active in the field of sports. As a sponsor, the company picks teams and athletes based on their performance. Some of these teams are in the National Hockey League or the Canadian Football League. Other groups include the national rugby teams of the United States, Canada, and the Czech Republic. Here are some of the sports Adidas sponsors:

FIFA’s official sponsor, Adidas, is also the official supplier of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA European Championships. Among the many teams and players sponsored by Adidas are Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, and the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The company also supports superstars like David Beckham and Luke Shaw. As a result, Adidas has carved a name for itself in sportswear.

In addition to sponsoring teams, Adidas also supports celebrities and businesses. Aside from renowned sporting groups such as FIFA, it supports established organizations and non-profit groups. In addition, the brand also gives substantial amounts of money to less-known groups and teams. Adidas may solicit proposals from individuals or through reputed sponsorship agencies to find the right sponsor. The company has specific guidelines and protocols when sponsoring an event.


In the past, Adidas has sponsored celebrities, notable sports organizations, and individual athletes as part of its brand promotion. The company has partnered with the organization Soles4Souls to donate shoes to more than 125 countries. It has also created a T-shirt project that helps local high schools while supporting efforts to rebuild Haiti. The initiative will kick off on Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Adidas store in Santa Monica. For $20, fans can buy a T-shirt bearing the Adidas logo. 100% of the proceeds will go towards rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

The company’s newest collection, Sanuk Pride, features two all-gender sneakers that support the Pacific Pride Foundation. The Pacific Pride Foundation operates the largest LGBTQ+ center between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It funds educational programs, counseling services, community events, and advocacy efforts. While a shoe may look like a typical soccer ball, it does more than looking good on foot. As an all-gender brand, Adidas aims to create a positive impact on the world through its support for causes.

The BE TRUE campaign dates back to 1985. Initially, the campaign did not have much to do with LGBT issues. But in 2012, the movement was converted to support LGBT rights. This year, Adidas is taking a more aggressive stance on LGBT issues than ever before. Its sponsorship of LGBT rights is part of its mission to make society more inclusive for all. It also helps LGBT athletes find jobs and build their skills. These charities are crucial to the future of sports.

Major league soccer

Adidas has renewed its sponsorship deal with Major League Soccer for eight years. As part of the deal, Adidas will be the official athletic sponsor of MLS. As well as being the official match ball supplier for the league, Adidas will also be getting more rights to advertising and retail marketing support. The two companies will also work together to invest in youth development and reserve programs. The sponsorship deal is worth more than $200 million and replaces a previous ten-year, $150 million contract.

Adidas is one of the world’s largest sports brands and has sponsored each MLS team since 2005. The partnership with MLS has been a long one, extending until 2024. In addition to uniforms, Adidas also offers training gear and sideline apparel to each team and its affiliates. It also provides the official match ball. Adidas’s sponsorship of Major League Soccer will continue through 2024, which is a lot longer than the previous two seasons.

While MLS is not as lucrative as its European counterparts, the deal with Adidas has been a hugely successful partnership. The Adidas sponsorship of the MLS team is the largest in the league’s history. It averages $117 million per year, while league TV contracts are worth $90 million. Adidas has also stepped up its marketing efforts, including putting its logo on various team uniforms. A recent poll showed that most MLS fans watch games on television, so the deal is definitely worth the investment.

UEFA Women’s Champions League

With its sponsorship of the women’s game, Adidas has become the most significant global brand sponsor in the competition. This partnership will span all 61 live matches, from Matchday 1 through the finals in May. The deal will help the tournament gain a global audience. The new partnership will expand to include a deeper collaboration in terms of content, including online content and highlights. The UEFA Women’s Champions League will continue to grow with the help of Adidas so that fans can stay tuned to the action.

The competition began in 2004 and was initially held in the same venue as the men’s UEFA Champions League final. The tournament was renamed on 11 December 2008 to reflect its new identity. It aims to include the runner-ups of the most prestigious women’s leagues in Europe. Runner-ups of domestic competitions have the right to participate, and titleholders may also qualify if they have not already done so. The final will be played in one match, with the two top teams qualifying in both the knockout and semi-final rounds.

The UEFA Women’s Champions League was initially known as the UEFA Women’s Cup. From 2001 to 2009, the competition was called the UEFA Women’s Cup. The UEFA Women’s Champions League’s name was renamed to reflect its new title. It was first played in France, and it was renamed to reflect the same tournament. The final was held in the same city as the men’s Champions League final until 2018. The competition’s group stage will be introduced as of the 2021-22 season. The most successful club in the competition’s history is Lyon, with seven wins. From 2016 to 2020, the team won five consecutively.

National hockey league

Adidas has been quietly preparing for a new sponsorship deal with the NHL, but the league has not confirmed whether it will put ads on the team’s jerseys. The company does reserve the right to place advertisements, though. During the World Cup of Hockey, Adidas will create jerseys for eight teams. That could include a few changes to the uniforms for NHL teams. It’s unclear how much of an impact these changes will have on the current uniforms.

Adidas has recently signed its first hockey endorsement deal, including Canadian star Conner McDavid. Other major hockey players are expected to sign similar agreements in the coming weeks. Other players in talks to sign up include Sidney Crosby and P.K. Subban. This deal will likely boost Adidas’ Canadian business and its commitment to athletes. In Canada, hockey is the leading sport, and this deal will increase the company’s presence there.

The partnership between Adidas and the NHL is expected to last for seven years. The brand will serve as an official supplier of NHL jerseys, apparel, and headgear. The NHL has a history of partnering with companies to make sports equipment and clothing. Adidas will replace Reebok as the league’s uniform supplier. While Adidas will also add advertising to the jerseys, the club hopes to focus on its business model by adding to the brand’s revenue stream.

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