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The Adidas Predator range is incredibly popular with players of all skill levels. If you’re considering purchasing your first pair of football boots, the Predator X is a popular choice. It was recently made available in kids’ sizes and capitalized on the emergence of Mario Balotelli’s infamy. It features his infamous “Why Always Me?” catchphrase and hair strip. Regardless of your style preferences, these boots are built for performance.


The Adidas Predator is one of the most iconic football boots in history. Its unique streamlined silhouette is characterized by rubber elements on the upper part of the cleat for better power transfer. It also features a Three Stripes-decorated outer shell. Premier League stars such as David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Robin van Persie, and Zinedine Zidane have all worn this football boot.

Many legends have sported the Predator since it was introduced in 1994. David Beckham, Robin van Persie, Michael Ballack, and David Beckham are among these players. The Predator has also been used by John Collins and is the first football boot to be worn by a professional player. Its popularity has led to the Predator selection by peak players throughout the world. Other prominent names that have worn this style include Raul, Kaka, and David Beckham.

The latest Predator football boots were released in May 2011 and featured the revolutionary Powerspine technology. The Powerspine minimizes energy loss, and the Predator’s silicon rubber Predator element provides swerve and power. This model is 25% lighter than the previous Predator X. However, it has been discontinued in recent years. The Adidas Predator 18 is the latest and is arguably the best-selling Predator football boot line.

Predator X

The Adidas Predator X is a highly technical football boot. Its upper is made from Primemesh, a kangaroo leather, and coated mesh. It features textured control embossing, which assists players in creating curves and turns in their shots. It also has a laceless construction. Its performance is outstanding. The boots are available in many colorways, including the new black and red colorways.

The predator is one of the most iconic football boots. It is synonymous with legendary players. It has been so iconic that Adidas has reissued some of the most popular colorways. The latest Predator X will make history again. These football boots are designed for both indoor and outdoor play. You can even wear them to the stadium! Here’s a look at what you can expect from them.

The Adidas Predator X comes in two versions – laceless and traditional. Both options offer great lockdown and comfort. The original “Mutator” colorway is also available. You can also choose the classic black, white and red colorway. Either way, you’ll have plenty of options. They’ll be an excellent fit for your feet. When you’re shopping, make sure to check out the latest colors.

Predator 18

The Predator 18 Adidas football boots are the pinnacle of the Predator range. The Predator 18 has been designed with every possible detail to make your game better, featuring a comfortable and responsive fit. Its injection-molded Controlframe and hybrid stud tips enhance touch and rotation abilities. You’ll appreciate the innovative technology that goes into each pair. But what makes the Predator so unique?

In 2007, the Adidas Predator was designed with a microfibre upper to increase power and swerve. This was especially useful for Beckham’s trademark-free kicks. The microfibre upper was also injected with PowerPulse technology, which incorporated a tungsten powder in the insole to distribute weight and increase power during movement. The fold-over tongue also helped players adjust their fit.

Another essential feature of the Predator football boot is its unique upper. The Controlskin uppers help keep the ball on the feet, while the Primemesh and TPU injected layers to make the shoes comfortable and allow fast movements. The Predator 18 Adidas football boots are available in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes. They are designed to provide tight ball control on every playing surface, from firm to soft.

Predator HG

The Predator series of football boots are known for their attention to detail and performance. The original Predator models focused on grip and touch, and the newer Predator adiPower improved on those qualities with a lighter weight, SprintFrame outsole. The new Predator boots also featured the same Powerspine technology, but a new silicone rubber zone was added to give you more control.

Despite being a one-piece boot, the Predator HG boasts a mid-cut sock, making putting them on and off much easier than the original. The new Predator sock design is a great innovation, and Adidas should be credited for coming up with this design. While it’s possible to get a pair of Predator football boots with a high-cut sock, this style may be more complicated for some people to put on.

Despite being one of the most famous soccer boots in recent history, the original Predator had undergone radical changes during the late 2000s. During this time, the fold-over tongue and striking strips were removed. This removed layers to bring the wearer’s foot closer to the ball. The Adidas Predator HG’s distinctive design has been updated several times since then, with its most recent version re-launching in 2016.

Predator X FG

The Adidas Predator X FG football boots feature a synthetic upper that adapts to the foot’s shape. A kangaroo toe-heel area prevents Achilles heel discomfort, and the low profile traction studs on the outsole provide traction on dry and artificial grass surfaces. The predator element extends from the laces to the inner area of the boot. The lacing system allows for a secure fit while the traction studs help players keep their feet in place.

Influential players created the Adidas Predator X football boots. This innovative football boot features heat-moldable foam and a revolutionary upper material called Taurus. This material combines softness and durability while providing excellent weatherproofing. The Adidas Predator X is also built with an Optifit construction that eliminates unnecessary materials in the midsole and tongue. With the latest in technology and an aggressive aesthetic, the Predator X is perfect for players who play power football.

For youth and children, the Predator X boots provide unmatched ball control. PREDATOR POWER technology helps players control the ball and make every play. Dedicated leather ridges enhance touch and stability. The Adidas Predator X is a robust football boot that will take control of the pitch. You’ll be the king of the field in this football boot. So, buy it and start dominating the pitch.

Predator X HG

The new Adidas Predator X HG football boots provide maximum swerve and consistency. These boots are designed to minimize the gap between the foot and boot, and they feature a fold-over tongue that enables a better fit. The boot also features a textured surface that effectively helps you strike the ball. This boot was first launched in Portugal during the Euro 2004 tournament.

The Adidas Predator X is a mid-top football boot that provides maximum stability and protection. Its distinctive lethal zones make it an excellent choice for players who want to impact the game. The predator was also worn by many other world-class players, including David Beckham, Robin Van Persie, Michael Ballack, and Dirk Kuyt. Many prominent players and teams have also endorsed these boots.

The upper of the Predator was completely revamped in 2007 to include microfibre for increased power and swerve. The increased bend made the boot ideal for Beckham’s free kicks. In addition to the microfibre upper, the new Predator X HG features “control frame” technology, which incorporates tungsten powder into the insole to allow weight to shift with movement. The fold-over tongue also keeps the boot in place.

Predator FG

The Adidas Predator FG football boots are performance designed for a firm and fast ground. The boots’ engineered studs provide precision ball control on every playing surface. The upper features a knitted collar and a Power Facet on the split outsole forefoot to provide extra traction on artificial surfaces. The textured control embossing helps the wearer to make quick movements. These football boots are available in men’s, women’s, and child’s sizes.

Since its release, the Predator has been worn by legendary players, including Paul Gascoigne and Del Piero. John Collins became the first professional to score a goal in an Adidas Predator. The Adidas Predator became the choice of the world’s top players, including David Beckham and Mesut Ozil. Several players have worn the Predator to play at the top level and have a firm grip on the ball.

The Adidas Predator has a two-part outsole with different stud configurations. The lower tier models have a slightly less premium finish, softness, and underside. The top-tier models feature a two-part outsole and a Power facet near the toe. This feature helps the cleats distribute weight evenly on the ball and generate extra power. A pair of Predators can cost more than PS699 at retail, but it’s well worth it.

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