can adidas trainers be resoled

The Society of Master Shoe Repairers asked members if it was possible to resolve Adidas trainers. After receiving numerous inquiries, the society decided to buy a special cup press and test the repair procedure on a limited number of pairs. This way, they could repair a limited number of color patterns and treads. If you don’t have any other options, you can find a local shoe mender and ask them to resolve your trainers.

Resoling process

The outsoles are detached from the uppers, midsole, and insoles to resolve an Adidas trainer. After this, the area where the stitches attach is cleaned and prepared for the new sole. Stitching is then applied to the new outsole. It is possible to choose the color of the new outsole. Some resolvers also offer a guarantee of 30 days. Turnaround times are long, so it is good to have a backup pair.

Resoling is an excellent option for premium footwear, as it can extend the life of the outsoles. This method also keeps good uppers out of landfills. A shoe with worn-out soles is noticeable by its looseness and holes, and its shock absorbency has decreased. It is advisable to resolve your boots when they almost give up on you. In general, the resoling process costs a few dollars, so investing in new materials and repair materials is well worth it.

The resolving process is straightforward. First, you need to flatten the soles. You can use a sander to flatten the soles. Next, you need to trace the shoe outline. Make sure you trace the design close to the shoe base. After that, cut the material according to the shoe’s shape and then position it on the shoe with the tool of your choice. Remember to leave some extra fabric around the edges so that the new sole can fit perfectly.

Resoling your shoes will cost around $100. However, the price will depend on the model, brand, and the method used to repair the shoe. The process usually takes a few weeks. The cost will depend on the type of shoe and the amount of damage. If your shoes have a damaged sole, it’s best to resolve them before they worsen. If the repair is too expensive, you can always send them back to the manufacturer.


Resoled Adidas trainers are a great way to extend the life of your running shoes. These resoled shoes are designed to improve the comfort and performance of any pair of running shoes. Resoled trainers can last much longer than a pair of new ones, and they look just as good. You can also purchase resoled Adidas trainers online, saving you money while giving your favorite team a second life.

The cost of resolving your shoes may vary greatly depending on the type of restoration you require and the type of shoe you’re trying to restore. For example, the cost for a basic resole may only run you about $60, but a higher quality shoe will require a much higher price. In general, the process will take less than an hour. However, if you’re in a hurry, saving money might not be worth your while.

To save money, it’s essential to know that the cost of resoled trainers depends on how much damage has occurred. In the case of leather, intense scratches or holes may cost around $25. Patent leather, however, costs more. However, depending on the level of damage, a resoled pair of Adidas trainers may cost between $100 and $200. The repair time depends on how badly the shoes are damaged, but it can take a week.


When you need a new pair of running shoes but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars, you can get them resolved at an affordable cost. Although resoling is not as economical as purchasing a new pair, it can still save you money by replacing the old rubber. It’s also a more eco-friendly option, meaning that you can keep your favorite pair of shoes and not throw them away.

If your trainers have lost their traction, it can make you slip on wet or soft surfaces. Luckily, many shoes can be resoled. How long it takes will depend on the style of the boots and the resoling process used. However, if the shoes are particularly cheap, you may have trouble finding a place that can resolve them. Resoles will cost around the same as the new shoes, so it’s worth checking with a local shoe mender to see if they have the facility.

Buying resoled trainers

Buying resoled Adidas trainers can save you a lot of money. Besides, resoling is a great way to get a new pair of shoes without spending much money. You can even resole the original Adidas trainers if they still have some tread. However, it is essential to remember that this process can’t be done on every pair of shoes. Resoling can damage the original sole, so you should consider this option only if you have damaged or worn-out trainers.

The soles of sneakers become worn out over time, which means they lose traction and are more likely to slip on soft and wet surfaces. While you can resolve the original sneakers, a resoled pair can look better than new ones. However, it is essential to remember that the resoling process depends on the quality of the original shoe and how well it was built. A lesser quality pair may not have a replacement sole, so the cost of a replacement sole might be more than the original shoe cost.

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