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The framework laid down by the Conferences of the Parties (COP) is only an incentive – even indicative. The climate agreements, which are not binding, are marked by global geopolitical stakes. Emerging countries refuse to be pressured by developed countries to make any “transition” to a green economy and deny those who have already caused the most damage because of their industrialization the right to learn from Rest of the world on what their trajectory should be.

Economists and development experts are already anticipating the post-oil transition, which they envisage as evidence, as Gaël G[……]


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Logically, he criticizes the short-term logic that underlies industrial society and the capitalist world: the quest for profit suspended from quarterly financial results. “Large groups that have invested in oil have spread the doubt about global warming in the same way that cigarette manufacturers have sought to discredit the link between tobacco consumption and cancer. The CEOs of these companies know what they are doing and know the long-term consequences of a business as usual scenario. In my opinion, they should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and nature. ”

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On June 23, 1988, an American climatologist from NASA, James E. Hansen, mentioned for the first time “climate change” and “the greenhouse effect”. He warns: the atmosphere is heating up. Global awareness has advanced on this subject, but nearly thirty years later, his country is withdrawing from the Paris climate agreements. The United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COPs) follow one another, anticipating the post-oil era that will necessarily have to happen, but which hardly comes to fruition.

Where did the heat wave hit the US in 1988, which caused a massive fire in the Yellowstone Na[……]