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Sophia Baraket was initially introduced to the best sources. After the School of Art and Design in Tunis, she joined SPEOS, an international photography school based in Paris, before attending a six-month course at Magnum. A “fairly significant” experience. And for good reason. It arrives “pile-poil” during the annual meeting of photographers organized each year alternately in the agencies of Tokyo, London and Paris. She laughs again. “So I had the chance to meet them all: Cartier Bresson, Martine Franck … And Abbas! The “very large” Iranian photoreporter based in Paris is his mentor. “He ha[……]


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At La Rotonde de Stalingrad, in Paris, the last exhibition of the photographer Sophia Baraket, Pride, has just been “unhooked”. But the work of the photoreporter that has traveled across Africa, from Tunisia to Algeria, Egypt, Mali, Uganda, DR Congo and Kenya, is again scheduled for September in Beirut Art Fair. Just like the installation of a happening on the theme of migration for the Contemporary Art Biennial of Tunis. Meeting with a woman of exception.

The wind blows in the rigging of the boats wisely stowed along the canal. Before returning to Tunis, between two weddings with friends,[……]


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The framework laid down by the Conferences of the Parties (COP) is only an incentive – even indicative. The climate agreements, which are not binding, are marked by global geopolitical stakes. Emerging countries refuse to be pressured by developed countries to make any “transition” to a green economy and deny those who have already caused the most damage because of their industrialization the right to learn from Rest of the world on what their trajectory should be.

Economists and development experts are already anticipating the post-oil transition, which they envisage as evidence, as Gaël G[……]