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cheap AIR fake yeezys. Has also worked with BAPE, followed by NIKE, launched the Nike air series, and finally, Adidas bought Kanye West at high prices, together with the astronomical shoes: fake yeezys 350 and fake yeezys 750. Social networks and the media are full of passion for these two pairs of fake yeezys shoes, the latter in the starting when the world’s only 9000 pairs, the price of fake yeezys was hot to a few million dollars.
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replica yeezy boost 350 series from the beginning of the birth, almost every fire all over the world’s explosive shoes. Each pair of limited, separated from each other out of a new color, so that the world sneakerhead crazy so far. The depth of the shoe circle, recently watched the flood filled with false coconut, I also write a writing, write this pair of magic shoes.

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As early as 2005, Kan Ye began with Nike, Reebok and other brands, launched their own do not pay edition shoes, because these shoes are not publicly available, shoes fans who only smell its name, Facebook’s high-end image so began to set up.

fake yeezy boost 350

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Honestly, fake yeezy boost 350 modeling design is very good, belong to the kind of good shoes, fake yeezy boost 350 no matter what clothes, are very nice, very fashionable, very popular, with yeezy boost 350 series itself influence And limited to buy, as well as adidas its own ability to operate and publicity makes this series of high prices of shoes, many stars are on the big names, publicity efforts, the price is not high is difficult, it is good-looking, that is Trend, and then caused 1000 pairs of fake yeezy boost 350 shoes have 10 million people want to buy. More than fake yeezy boost 350 price expensive, Kanye West and NIKE design coconut generation is also one of the highest price.

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Replica yeezy boost 350 is the United States rapper Kanye West founded the tide card, before and NIKE cooperation, and later signed with Adi, the main trend of high-end line. Replica yeezy boost 350 from Nike to Adi has not changed is the high-end positioning, although the price is not so unattainable, but the market price has been very high 350 is YEEZY low to help shoes, but also the sale of color up to the grab this is a few days before the sale of cream white color, that is, the so-called pure white color. Tell the truth for the first time through the APP grab coconut or very excited.

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fake yeezy boost 750 of the upper is not pure white, careful observation will find the beige and white and white stripes, the middle of the upper suture is the silver line, the end is not pure white, slightly made of plastic yellow, you can not worry about oxidation problem.
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